KT meat tenderizer

KT meat tenderizer: The machine is small in size, but powerful. It has been specifically designed to be small and light-weight to fit well onto a standard shop counter. There is no need to commission a specially made table.

The stainless steel feed inlet of the KT meat tenderizer is constructed in such a way as to prevent the user's fingers getting caught between the blades. Should the safety cover over the blades be moved even a fraction, the motor will stop automatically. The underside of the blades is also well protected.

The KT meat tenderizer has a robust construction. The spiral screw and gear drive mechanism run in oil, and no further lubrication is required. The shafts are equipped with ball bearings.

The meat tenderizer is easy to clean. The blade cover and the safety cover may be removed for cleaning.


Especificações técnicas

Motor IEC

0.37 kW 400/50/3 or 230/1


430 mm


400 mm


390 mm


36 Kg

 *Capacidade: 1200 bifes por hora



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